Hvað þýðir over í Enska?

Hver er merking orðsins over í Enska? Greinin útskýrir alla merkingu, framburð ásamt tvítyngdum dæmum og leiðbeiningum um hvernig á að nota over í Enska.

Orðið over í Enska þýðir búinn, eftir, aftur, hingað, bakhlið, í heimsókn, lægja, ganga yfir, flytja í næsta, framlengja, skila sér, koma í heimsókn, hellast yfir , koma yfir, fara yfir, fara hratt yfir, fara ekki í smáatriðin á, taka vel, yfirfara, keyra á, hrinda, eiga ekki möguleika á, sleppa, fjlúga yfir, strjúka af, leggja, keyra yfir, fara illa með, gista, byrja upp á nýtt, gista, skipta yfir, breyta um, skipta yfir, taka við, taka yfir, taka yfir, taka við, taka við, tala um, hugsa um, snúa, velta, velta fyrir sér, nálgast, ganga yfir, traðka yfir, vakta, passa, vinna hug, alls staðar, út um allt, svo hann, heildar, brjóta upp á, blása um koll, gráta, hættu, hættu nú, trúi því ekki, fyrir yfir, vaxa yfir, hanga yfir, beygja sig, skoða, fara yfir, skoðun, gera mikið úr einhverju, dásama, aftur og aftur, hring eftir hring, heildar-, taka til hliðar, ná yfir, renna yfir, renna yfir, syrgja, leggja á, yfirtaka, taka, hrasa, hnjóta um, snúa, afhenda, koma í fylgi við. Til að fá frekari upplýsingar, vinsamlegast skoðaðu upplýsingarnar hér að neðan.

Hlustaðu á framburð

Merking orðsins over


(be finished)

Is the news over yet?


adjective (in excess)

If there is any food over after the party, you can take it.


adverb (used in expressions (again)

Quentin decided to do the pie over because the first one was a bit burnt on the edges.


adverb (used in expressions (to a place)

Come over and look at this.


adverb (used in expressions (overleaf)

See over for more details.

í heimsókn

adverb (used in expressions (staying as guests)

We've got friends over this weekend.


phrasal verb, intransitive (clouds: pass, disappear)

The clouds blew over and the sun came out.

ganga yfir

phrasal verb, intransitive (figurative (argument, etc.: be forgotten)

Let's hope that the dispute will soon blow over.

flytja í næsta

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (sum: transfer to next column)

Carry over the number "4" and put it at the top of the next column.


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (vacation allowance: use next year)

My boss won't allow me to carry over my vacation time to next year so I must take holidays now.

skila sér

phrasal verb, intransitive (figurative (message: be clear)

The Prime Minister's message came over very well in his speech.

koma í heimsókn

phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (pay a visit)

If you come over this evening we'll watch a movie together.

hellast yfir , koma yfir

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (emotion: affect)

I don't know what's come over me, but I can't stop crying. A strange feeling of joy came over me.

fara yfir

phrasal verb, intransitive (figurative (change sides)

Smith resigned from the government and came over to the opposition.

fara hratt yfir

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (figurative (deal with superficially)

The article merely glosses over the surface of this complex subject.

fara ekki í smáatriðin á

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (figurative (make [sth] look better)

We'll have to encourage the media to gloss over some of the nastier issues.

taka vel

phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (be received)

I hope that my speech goes over well at the meeting tonight.


phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (review in detail)

For hours afterwards, she kept going over and over what he'd told her but it still made no sense.

keyra á

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (pedestrian: hit with a vehicle)

The bus was delayed because a cyclist was knocked over by a car.


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (from upright position)

I got mad at the little girl for knocking over my statue.

eiga ekki möguleika á

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (not give consideration to)

Even though Mary had worked as a manager in that department she was passed over for promotion.


phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (not discuss)

Mary glibly passed over the topic Eric most wanted to discuss.

fjlúga yfir

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (fly over)

We live near the airport and hundreds of planes pass over our house every day.

strjúka af

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (rub lightly with [sth] to clean)

Mark passed the cloth over his spectacles to give them a quick clean.


phrasal verb, intransitive (move vehicle to kerb)

When he saw the flashing lights in the rear-view mirror, he pulled over.

keyra yfir

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (vehicle: knock down)

I'm so sorry; I accidentally ran over your cat!

fara illa með

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (slang, vulgar (betray)

He screwed me over by not putting my name on the report.


phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (spend the night at [sb]'s house)

Liz didn't want to drive home in the dark, so she asked Dan if she could sleep over.

byrja upp á nýtt

phrasal verb, intransitive (begin again)

If it doesn't look good when you finish, you need to start over -- do it again.


phrasal verb, intransitive (spend the night)

Mum, can I stay over at Anne's house tonight?

skipta yfir

phrasal verb, intransitive (change or transfer [sth])

The US was unable to switch over to the metric system. // Can you switch over to that seat ?

breyta um

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (swap round, exchange)

I'm going to switch my website over to a new domain.

skipta yfir

phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (change tv channel)

Switch over to channel 10.

taka við

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (take control, charge of [sth])

Take over the meeting for me, I'll be back in a moment.

taka yfir

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (assume the management of [sth])

Paul is buying shares in a bid to take over the company.

taka yfir

phrasal verb, intransitive (take control, charge)

You're better at this than I am; would you mind taking over?

taka við

(take control, charge as [sth])

Tom took over as manager after Jim was fired.

taka við

(take control, charge from [sb])

When Linda's shift was over, David took over from her.

tala um

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (discuss)

Let's talk over your college plans.

hugsa um

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (consider, deliberate)

Think over what I said and let me know tomorrow what your decision is.


phrasal verb, intransitive (roll, flip over)

If you can't sleep turn over onto your other side and try again.


phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (earn)

The company turns over 3 million dollars a year.

velta fyrir sér

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (figurative (ponder)

She turned the idea over in her mind.


phrasal verb, intransitive (approach on foot)

Jenna walked over to her and shook her hand in greeting.

ganga yfir

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (cross on foot)

Just walk over the bridge to get to that part of town. I've had to walk all over York to find your house.

traðka yfir

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (figurative, informal (treat disrespectfully)

Larry walked over at least three people to serve as chairman of the board.


phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (keep under surveillance)

Watch over him while I call the police.


phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (take care of, look out for)

Watch over the baby while I prepare his bath.

vinna hug

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (informal, often passive (charm, persuade)

I was wary until I met him in person, but then he won me over completely.

alls staðar

adverb (informal (everywhere)

I've looked all over but still can't find my keys.

út um allt

adverb (over whole surface)

Oil from the site of the wrecked tanker is now spreading all over.

svo hann

adverb (figurative, informal (in every respect, characteristic)

He forgot to turn up for his own wedding? That's him all over!


adjective (thorough, complete)

Jack gave the bike an all-over check.

brjóta upp á


He bent over the corner of the page to mark his place in the book.

blása um koll

(topple by blowing)

A strong wind had blown over several plant pots.


(figurative (mourn, lament)

There is no point in crying about a situation you cannot change.


verbal expression (UK, slang (stop doing [sth])

Give over arguing! You're giving me a headache!

hættu nú

interjection (UK, slang (stop, desist)

Give over - he's not as bad as that!

trúi því ekki

interjection (UK, regional, slang (I don't believe you)

You reckon you could beat Djokovic at tennis? Give over!

fyrir yfir


If you want to get to the other side of the river, you need to go over the bridge. I'm just going over the road to see Mr Davison.

vaxa yfir

(grow across [sth])

Ivy grew all over the building's façade.

hanga yfir

(hover, dangle)

The fog hung over the town all morning.

beygja sig

(bend forwards or down)

I have to lean over to tie my shoe laces.


(examine quickly)

The doctor looked Fred over and could find no evidence of broken bones.

fara yfir

(inspect thoroughly)

The inspector looked over the restaurant for code violations.


noun (informal (quick inspection)

The jeweller gave the diamond a look-over and declared it genuine.

gera mikið úr einhverju

verbal expression (informal (pay a lot of attention to)

The boss brought his dog to work yesterday and everyone made a fuss of it.


verbal expression (informal (show great admiration for)

Nina got engaged yesterday! All the women in the office were making a fuss over her ring.

aftur og aftur

adverb (repeatedly, again and again)

My sister drove me nuts, singing that same song over and over. Gymnasts and figure skaters have to practice each routine over and over.

hring eftir hring

adverb (round and round)

The car rolled over and over and eventually came to rest on its roof.


adjective (total)

The overall cost was more than we'd estimated.

taka til hliðar

(draw aside)

She pulled him over and had a quiet word about his behaviour.

ná yfir

(cover a variety of subjects)

The discussion ranged over topics from medieval skin complaints to the effects of technology on modern life.

renna yfir

(glide over)

She ran her fingers over the fine silk.

renna yfir

(glide over)

Larry let his fingers run across the tactile surface of the sculpture.


(literary (feel sad about)

(áhrifssögn: Sagnorð sem tekur beint andlag.)
This poor woman is sorrowing over the loss of her husband.

leggja á

(lay flat)

She spread the shirt across the ironing board.


noun (of company)

After the takeover, there were a lot of changes to the company structure.


noun (of country)

The takeover was condemned by the UN.


(stumble and fall)

Peggy tripped over in the street and broke her hip.

hnjóta um

(fall by stepping on)

The child tripped over the toys on the floor and fell down.


(roll, flip over)

The chef turned the omelet over to gently brown the other side.


verbal expression (deliver, surrender [sth])

She turned the money over to her boss.

koma í fylgi við

verbal expression (informal (persuade of [sth]'s merits)

Little by little we'll win you over to our political cause.

Við skulum læra Enska

Þannig að nú þegar þú veist meira um merkingu over í Enska geturðu lært hvernig á að nota þau með völdum dæmum og hvernig á að lestu þau. Og mundu að læra tengd orð sem við mælum með. Vefsíðan okkar er stöðugt að uppfæra með nýjum orðum og nýjum dæmum svo þú getir flett upp merkingu annarra orða sem þú þekkir ekki í Enska.

Tengd orð over

Veistu um Enska

Enska kemur frá germönskum ættbálkum sem fluttu til Englands og hefur þróast á meira en 1.400 ára tímabili. Enska er þriðja mest talaða tungumál í heimi, á eftir kínversku og spænsku. Það er mest lærða annað tungumálið og opinbert tungumál næstum 60 fullvalda ríkja. Þetta tungumál hefur fleiri málara sem annað og erlent tungumál en móðurmál. Enska er einnig sameiginlegt tungumál Sameinuðu þjóðanna, Evrópusambandsins og margra annarra alþjóðlegra tungumála og svæðisbundin samtök. Nú á dögum geta enskumælandi um allan heim átt samskipti með tiltölulega auðveldum hætti.