Hvað þýðir out í Enska?

Hver er merking orðsins out í Enska? Greinin útskýrir alla merkingu, framburð ásamt tvítyngdum dæmum og leiðbeiningum um hvernig á að nota out í Enska.

Orðið out í Enska þýðir út, út, ekki við, slokknaður, út úr, útilokaður, úr tísku, uppiskroppa, ekki við, í roti, ekki við, kominn út, kominn út, í blóma, út, mjög, út, út, útleið, út, koma upp um  sem, bjóða á stefnumót, hætta við, bakka út úr, hætta við, beila, stökkva úr flugvél, bjarga, myrkva, missa meðvitund, plana gróflega, glopra út úr sér, draga sig til baka, fá fram, draga fram, senda frá sér, stökkva, stökkva fram, springa út, brjótast út, koma með hvelli, ganga á, framkvæma, fara að fyrirmælum, særa burt, grípa í lygi, sannreyna, skoða, sjáðu, fá að láni, brottför, standast skoðun, deyja, missa kjarkinn, slappa af, fjöldaframleiða, fara, yfirgefa, hreinsa út úr, koma út, koma út, koma út, koma út, fréttast, birtast, draga af, koma út úr, strika út, klippa í burt, losa sig við, slökkva á, deyja út, deyja út, detta út, hætta, rífast, detta úr, dreifa úr sér, fatta, skilja, fylla út, þrekna, læra um, komast að, reiðist, fá fyllingu, auka við, flippa út, fríka út, missa sig, fríka út, taka upp, komast á kreik, komast út, afboða, stíga út úr, fara út, út á lífið, slá sér upp, slá sér upp, slökknar, koma í kjölfar, loka á, loka á, skjótast út, springa úr hlátri, kalla til, gagnrýna, taka með heim, sjáðu, missa kjarkinn, hreinsa út úr, detta út, eiga vel við, á eftir að vera erfitt verk, grafa upp, beinlínis, reiðast, sleppa út, farðu, djamm-. Til að fá frekari upplýsingar, vinsamlegast skoðaðu upplýsingarnar hér að neðan.

Hlustaðu á framburð

Merking orðsins out


adverb (to the outside)

I'm just going out to the garage.


adverb (away: from home, etc.)

He's gone out for a walk.

ekki við

adjective (absent)

I'm afraid the doctor is out.


adjective (fire: extinguished)

Make sure the fire is out before you go to sleep.

út úr

preposition (mainly US (out of: movement away from)

She walked out the house.


adjective (beyond consideration)

The trip to the beach is out, but we still have time for some shopping.

úr tísku

adjective (slang (not fashionable)

Baggy jeans are out this year.


adjective (informal (lacking)

You can't borrow any sugar, I'm afraid: we're out.

ekki við

adjective (not at work)

I'm afraid the manager is out at the moment.

í roti

adjective (informal (unconscious)

He was out for a full five minutes after the accident.

ekki við

adjective (unavailable)

You can't talk to him. He's out.

kominn út

adjective (informal (published)

Her new novel is out.

kominn út

adjective (informal (film, etc.: released)

Is that new Spielberg film out yet?

í blóma

adjective (flowers: in bloom)

The daffodils are out early this year.


adverb (used in expressions (into society)

He's been in jail for a year but gets out next week.


adverb (used in expressions (thoroughly)

I'm tired out after all that shopping!


adverb (radio: done)

I'll talk to you again tomorrow. Over and out.


adverb (sports: out of bounds)

She hit the ball out.


noun (figurative, informal (excuse, escape)

We should look for an out in case this plan fails.


preposition (US (movement from inside to outside)

She walked out the door.

koma upp um  sem

transitive verb (slang (reveal or expose: as [sth])

The speaker outed him as the author of the controversial report.

bjóða á stefnumót

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (invite on a date)

He asked her out.

hætta við

phrasal verb, intransitive (withdraw involvement)

At the last minute, the investors backed out.

bakka út úr

(promise: break)

The couple buying our house backed out of the purchase at the last minute.

hætta við

(withdraw from)

Sue backed out of helping us paint the house.


phrasal verb, intransitive (informal, figurative (abandon [sth])

We were planning a party, but almost everybody bailed out.

stökkva úr flugvél

phrasal verb, intransitive (jump from plane)

The pilot bailed out just before his plane hit the trees.


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (informal, figurative (rescue)

You can't expect your big brother to bail you out whenever you have a problem.


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (obscure [sth])

During times of war, many civilians have to black out their windows so the enemy won't know where to bomb.

missa meðvitund

phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (lose consciousness)

The head injury during the car accident caused him to black out.

plana gróflega

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (figurative (outline or plan roughly)

The writer starts by blocking out her story.

glopra út úr sér

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (say on impulse)

To his mother's horror, he blurted out all the details of her illness.

draga sig til baka

phrasal verb, intransitive (figurative, informal (withdraw)

Williams had to bow out of the race after suffering a leg injury.

fá fram

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (elicit)

A squirt of fresh lemon will bring out the flavor of that grilled salmon.

draga fram

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (figurative (emphasize)

That eye shadow brings out the blue in your eyes.

senda frá sér

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (informal (publish, release)

J.K.Rowling brought out her first novel at the age of 31.


phrasal verb, intransitive (spring out)

Max opened the wardrobe door and his children burst out, shouting, "Surprise!"

stökkva fram

(spring out)

He burst out from behind the wall, surprising everyone leaning against it.

springa út

phrasal verb, intransitive (emerge, break out)

It was springtime, and flowers were bursting out all over the meadows.

brjótast út

(emerge, break out)

The chick finally burst out of its shell.

koma með hvelli

phrasal verb, intransitive (figurative (occur suddenly)

Spring is bursting out all over the place!

ganga á

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (informal (challenge)

The interviewer called the MP out when he spouted false statistics.


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (perform, conduct)

The army sometimes carries out mountain rescues in this area.

fara að fyrirmælum

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (bring to fruition)

The executor of a will carries out the wishes of the deceased.

særa burt

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (banish)

Exorcism is a ceremony for casting out demons.

grípa í lygi

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (UK, often passive, informal (discover deceit)

The detective suspected the suspect was lying, so she kept asking him questions in the hope of catching him out.


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (informal (try to verify)

The inspector checked out the suspect's alibi by questioning his friends.


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (informal (investigate, examine)

When you're in New York, be sure to check out that camera store I told you about.


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (slang (look at)

Check out that guy in the top hat!

fá að láni

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (book, etc.: borrow from library)

I checked out two books from the library last week and I've lost one of them.


phrasal verb, intransitive (hotel: sign out)

At this hotel, you must check out by 11:00 am or pay for another day.

standast skoðun

phrasal verb, intransitive (slang (be verified)

His alibi checked out.


phrasal verb, intransitive (figurative, slang, euphemism (die)

There were rumors that the crime boss had checked out some time ago.

missa kjarkinn

phrasal verb, intransitive (slang (lose courage)

He was planning to ask her to the dance, but then he chickened out.

slappa af

phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (relax)

I like to chill out in front of the television with a glass of wine and some nibbles. My friend was upset and uptight so I told him to chill out.


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (produce, manufacture)

The factory churns out thousands of cans of baked beans every day.


phrasal verb, intransitive (slang (leave a place)

The fire alarm went off and everybody had to clear out.


(slang (leave: a place)

My landlord's given me a week to clear out of my flat.

hreinsa út úr

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (space: remove clutter)

Anita cleared out all the closets in preparation for the move.

koma út

phrasal verb, intransitive (emerge)

Come out of the shadows and stand here in the light where I can see you.

koma út

phrasal verb, intransitive (go outside)

Did you ask your mom if you can come out and play?

koma út

phrasal verb, intransitive (informal, figurative (announce you are gay)

After college, Luke decided to come out to his parents.

koma út

phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (book: be published)

His new novel comes out this autumn.


phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (facts, news: be made public)

If news of the affair comes out he will be ruined.


phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (emerge)

Bears generally come out of hibernation in the Spring.

draga af

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (costs: be subtracted)

The cost of that broken lamp is going to come out of your pay check.

koma út úr

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (figurative (result)

Let's hope that something good can come out of this.

strika út

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (put a line through)

With a pencil you can erase; with a pen you have to cross out your mistakes. Cross out the wrong answers.

klippa í burt

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (figurative (text, scene: excise)

The director cut the scene out from the final version of the film.

losa sig við

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (figurative (eliminate)

She was told to cut out starchy carbs from her diet.

slökkva á

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (US, informal (turn off)

deyja út

phrasal verb, intransitive (become extinct: organisms)

Most of the polar bears will die out by 2050 as a result of global warming.

deyja út

phrasal verb, intransitive (figurative (tradition: disappear gradually)

Our language and our traditions will die out as our people become absorbed by the mainstream culture.

detta út

phrasal verb, intransitive (informal, figurative (withdraw from [sth])

The driver of the car leading the race dropped out with engine trouble. Karen got into college, but she found the work too hard and dropped out in her first year.


phrasal verb, intransitive (slang, figurative (reject convention)

In the 60's, like so many young people in that era, he dropped out for a while and went to live in a hippy commune.


phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (friends: quarrel)

They have fallen out and are no longer speaking to each other.

detta úr

phrasal verb, intransitive (become detached or lost)

I didn't realise my bag was open; my cell phone fell out and smashed.

dreifa úr sér

phrasal verb, intransitive (military: leave ranks)

After the inspection, the soldiers were ordered to fall out.


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (solve)

How did you figure out that math problem?


phrasal verb, transitive, separable (informal (understand)

He finally figured out why his car wouldn't start.

fylla út

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (complete: a form)

I am going to fill out an application for the job.


phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (put on weight)

John was thin as a child but began to fill out when he reached 16.

læra um

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (learn about)

I read his biography to find out about his life.

komast að

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (learn news or truth of)

I have just found out about your mother; I'm so sorry for your loss.


phrasal verb, intransitive (figurative (get angry)

He has such a bad temper that he flares up easily.

fá fyllingu

phrasal verb, intransitive (become plumper)

Once she began receiving regular meals, her once-bony face fleshed out and softened her look.

auka við

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (figurative (make more detailed)

This report isn't convincing enough; can't you flesh it out with something from the internet?

flippa út

phrasal verb, intransitive (slang (lose your temper)

She is so volatile; it takes the slightest little thing to make her flip out.

fríka út

phrasal verb, intransitive (slang (have a mental breakdown)

I am flipping out right now about the twenty-five page paper I have due tomorrow.

missa sig

phrasal verb, intransitive (slang (get angry)

When I tell my parents I'm quitting school, they are going to freak out.

fríka út

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (slang (disturb)

Stop looking at me like that! You're freaking me out!

taka upp

phrasal verb, transitive, separable (take [sth] from somewhere)

The man got out his phone to call for a taxi.

komast á kreik

phrasal verb, intransitive (news: be divulged)

Ellen was worried that the news would get out before she'd had a chance to tell her parents face to face.

komast út

(extricate oneself from)

The children could not get out of the building because it was on fire.


phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (figurative, informal (free yourself from an obligation)

I need to get out of my meeting this afternoon because I have a doctor's appointment. The teenager tried to get out of his homework by pretending to be ill.

stíga út úr

phrasal verb, transitive, inseparable (exit a vehicle)

Audrey parked near the beach and got out of the car.

fara út

phrasal verb, intransitive (exit, go outdoors)

Don't go out without a coat on; it's cold out there.

út á lífið

phrasal verb, intransitive (do [sth] fun outside the home)

Let's go out tonight! We could see a movie.

slá sér upp

phrasal verb, intransitive (informal (date one another)

Are Lola and Archie just friends, or are they going out?

slá sér upp

(informal (date)

She is going out with my cousin.


phrasal verb, intransitive (light, fire: be extinguished)

Could you put another log on the fire, please, before it goes out.

koma í kjölfar


(orðatiltæki: Orðasamband með óeiginlega merkingu.)
Several complications arose from the surgery.

loka á

(light: keep out)

They hung thick dark curtains to block the sunlight out.

loka á

(figurative (refuse to listen, think)

Some people abuse drugs or alcohol to block out bad memories.

skjótast út

(exit rapidly)

Lucy left the front door open and her labrador bolted out.

springa úr hlátri

verbal expression (laugh suddenly)

When Jim finally got the joke, he burst out laughing.

kalla til

(request visit)

Paul's elderly mother was unwell, so he called the doctor out.


verbal expression (informal (challenge: on [sth] said, done)

Julia called her uncle out on his offensive remarks.

taka með heim

(informal (food: take away)

Everything on the menu is also available to carry out.


interjection (US, slang (look)

Check it out, man! That car's just too cool.

missa kjarkinn

verbal expression (slang (not be brave enough to do)

Lee chickened out of going on the roller coaster at the last minute.

hreinsa út úr

verbal expression (clutter: remove from a space)

We need to clear all the junk out of the attic.

detta út

verbal expression (competition: lose)

It was a surprise to everyone when the favorites crashed out of the World Cup in the first round.

eiga vel við

adjective (informal, figurative (person: able, suited)

When he got caught the second time, he decided he wasn't cut out for a life of crime.

á eftir að vera erfitt verk

verbal expression (informal, figurative (have a hard task ahead)

The house Joe and Maggie have bought needs a lot of renovation; they certainly have their work cut out for them.

grafa upp

(remove from the ground)

Start transplanting the tree by digging out its whole root ball.


adverb (informal (outright)

She flat out refused to speak to me.


intransitive verb (figurative, slang (get upset, angry)

Ben flipped when his friend tattled on him.

sleppa út


We got out just as the building was about to burst into flames.


interjection (leave)

Get out and leave me alone!


adjective (for entertainment outside home)

Beatrice wants to buy a going-out dress for the party.

Við skulum læra Enska

Þannig að nú þegar þú veist meira um merkingu out í Enska geturðu lært hvernig á að nota þau með völdum dæmum og hvernig á að lestu þau. Og mundu að læra tengd orð sem við mælum með. Vefsíðan okkar er stöðugt að uppfæra með nýjum orðum og nýjum dæmum svo þú getir flett upp merkingu annarra orða sem þú þekkir ekki í Enska.

Veistu um Enska

Enska kemur frá germönskum ættbálkum sem fluttu til Englands og hefur þróast á meira en 1.400 ára tímabili. Enska er þriðja mest talaða tungumál í heimi, á eftir kínversku og spænsku. Það er mest lærða annað tungumálið og opinbert tungumál næstum 60 fullvalda ríkja. Þetta tungumál hefur fleiri málara sem annað og erlent tungumál en móðurmál. Enska er einnig sameiginlegt tungumál Sameinuðu þjóðanna, Evrópusambandsins og margra annarra alþjóðlegra tungumála og svæðisbundin samtök. Nú á dögum geta enskumælandi um allan heim átt samskipti með tiltölulega auðveldum hætti.